We are specialized in the organisation and transportation of sensitive materials.

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Historical company of the Radio Pharma Logistics Group, ISOLife is the « just in time the same day » specialist. Thanks to its facility located in Paris area, the company delivers every day in France hundreds of packages to hospitals nuclear medicine departments, laboratories, research academic centers or industrial sites.

Class 7 air and road transports commissionner

Security & commitments

The transport security

We benefit from our operation center on a 24/24 basis. Able to respond immediately in case of incident or accident, our teams are in direct relation with our customers and the authorities.

Our commissioners obligations

In compliance with rules and obligations inherent to transport commissionners, our employees are qualified for dangerous goods transportation (ADR and IATA transport) .

in numbers


Such as the number of our facilities dispatched in all main French regions and cities.

Such as the number of transported packages every day.

Such as the number of kilometers our vehicles travel every day.

Certifications and conformity

ISOLife strictly complies with all applicable regulations.

The company is ISO 9001 certified for the radioactive transport since 2008 and certified with the 2015 version of the norm.

ISOLife is also member of the EITA network.


Our news

12 October 2022
Nuclear Medicine/ Radiopharmaceutical/Logistic

Loos, France, Isovital Headquarter, Oct 12th 2022 – Radiopharma Logistics Group (RLG); ISOTOPES SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (ISI). NEW SHAREHOLDER

Claude Poliart, founder and manager of the logistic company « Road Runner » was acting as a consultant for ISI until now and becomes ISOTOPES SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (ISI) shareholder.

Philippe Sueur, Isovital President declared: « We are pleased to add Claude to the capital of Isotopes Services International and we strongly reinforce our executive committee with his arrival. While ISI is now fully back on track, Claude brings his remarkable experience of our field and a unique knowledge of Belgium and more globally of the entire Benelux. He is now part of ISI’s and RLG development ».

Claude Poliart added « I’m honored to join Isotopes Services International and the RLG. ISI has + 30 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical, radiopharmaceutical, complex and multimodal transportation and I admire the resilience of the company and the commitment of the team to our customers. I do not forget the valuable and faithful ISI’s partners whom I thank for their warm welcome. I’m really glad to be involved with ISI and with Isovital and Isolife which dedication is also critical notably for numerous patients ».

Radio Pharma Logistics Group (RLG) consists in three companies: Isovital, Isolife and Isotopes Services International (ISI). The RLG group companies are specialized in the transportation of radiopharmaceuticals and sensitive materials for national and international companies. Since their foundation in 2005 and 2007, Isovital and Isolife have had a constant and remarkable evolution. At the end of 2017, RLG has expanded in Belgium with Isotopes Services International (ISI) acquisition. In 2021, more than 11.5 million patients received their care thanks to the actions of the RLG companies.


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